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Worldcoin Foundation Launches $5 Million Grant Program

Worldcoin Foundation Launches $5 Million Grant Program:

  • WorldCoin Foundation launches ‘Wave0’, a $5 million grant program aimed at the Worldcoin ecosystem.
  • The fund is open to innovative projects in privacy and biometrics.
  • Individual grants can be up to $25,000 per project.

5 Million Dollars to Support the Worldcoin Ecosystem

The Worldcoin Foundation has announced a $5 million grant program called ‘Wave0’.

According to reports, the program aims to support the development of ‘resilient technologies’ and more equitable systems within the Worldcoin ecosystem, a project that has been highly discussed in the cryosphere.

It has also been announced that individual grants can reach up to $5,000 for ‘community grants’ or $25,000 for projects.

As a reminder, WorldCoin aims to develop a globally decentralized identity system. The platform uses a unique combination of biometrics and blockchain to provide every individual with equal access to the digital economy while preserving privacy and data security.

Innovation and Decentralization at the Heart of the Program

Remco Bloemen, protocol lead, emphasizes that the initiative is not limited to developers but also aims to raise awareness and educate about crucial issues such as ‘income inequality and governance’.

Grants will be awarded to projects focusing on research and development, particularly in areas such as privacy and biometrics.

One of the most interesting elements of the grant program is to become a second manufacturer of orbs and create an entire factory,’ said Remco Bloemen, lead at Worldcoin.

– Remco Bloemen, Worldcoin lead

Beneficiaries could include those exploring use cases of Worldcoin and World ID.

Despite recent disruptions at OpenAI involving Sam Altman, co-founder of Worldcoin, the project remains committed to decentralization, asserting its independence from OpenAI.

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