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FIFA Announces Exclusive NFT Collection for World Cup

The FIFA Announces Limited Edition NFT Collection

The FIFA has just announced the launch of a limited edition collection of digital collectibles known as NFTs. These NFTs, initially available in a limited quantity of 100, will give their holders a unique chance to win tickets to the final of the FIFA 2026 World Cup.

The first 100 NFTs will be available for purchase starting from December 15 on FIFA Collect+. Once these initial 100 NFTs are sold, on December 19, the FIFA will release an additional 900 NFTs on Opensea, allowing users who missed out on the initial mint to still acquire an NFT.

“A total of 900 other digital collectibles will be issued on the Polygon network and made available on the OpenSea platform, with their launch scheduled for December 19,” said the FIFA in a statement.

– FIFA statement

However, only the first batch distributed on December 15, which includes the “rarest collectibles,” will be eligible for rewards.

According to the FIFA, this new NFT collection will represent significant moments and exclusive souvenirs from the World Cup, all in a fully virtual manner. The FIFA believes that NFTs “enhance the way fans can interact with their favorite players, teams, and the game they love.”

The FIFA Chooses to Launch its NFTs on Polygon

The FIFA has also revealed a major change in its NFT strategy. Initially issued on Algorand, these NFTs are now migrating to Polygon, a blockchain platform gaining popularity in the field of web3 gaming and NFT projects. Additionally, the Polygon network offers affordable transaction fees, making it a much more accessible ecosystem for smaller wallets.

In addition, the statement informs us that Modex will take over the strategic direction of FIFA Collect+, the FIFA’s digital collectibles platform, expanding the ways in which fans can interact with their favorite teams and players.

This move exemplifies the ongoing commitment of major brands to provide and monetize unique experiences for their most passionate fans.

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