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Buy cryptocurrency: Comparative ranking of the best platforms

Ranking of the best platforms to buy cryptocurrency from France in 2022

Binance : The best platform to buy cryptocurrencies

At the moment, Binance is the number one platform in the cryptocurrency market, mainly due to the safety of the exchange, but also due to all the advantages it offers. It is currently the platform with the most volume and influence on the rest of the market. More than 300 different cryptocurrencies are available, allowing you to diversify your portfolio as much as possible.

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Binance Futures : The best platform to try leveraged trading ?

Binance Futures is an advanced futures trading platform, allowing experienced traders to gain exposure to an even more volatile market. In addition to the comprehensive trading interface, the platform has many investment tools and features, including leverage. While this is very appealing, if you are inexperienced in trading, using leverage is very dangerous and you could get wiped out at any time.

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FTX : The best site to trade your crypto-currencies

Notably known for the low fees that the platform offers and for its ease of use, FTX is a must-have exchange for users wanting to trade their crypto-currencies. FTX also offers its users the ability to position themselves in derivatives allowing them to gain exposure to baskets of assets or certain market trends such as tesla or coinbase.

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Coinbase : The website to buy promising crypto-currencies

Coinbase is the reference platform for cryptocurrency neophytes. It is undoubtedly one of the most secure platforms in the field. The exchange has been around for almost 10 years and it’s not about to die out. However, Coinbase charges much higher fees than most other exchanges with an average of 6.25%, which is a drawback for the platform. Despite this, Coinbase remains one of the most reliable exchanges on the market.

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Coinbase Pro : The best platform for professionals ?

Launched in 2018, Coinbase pro allows Coinbase users to get a trading interface.
Unlike Coinbase, the Coinbase Pro platform offers its users a much more attractive fee that is around 0.26%, which is significantly lower. However, this is still significantly higher than the average, especially compared to Binance or even FTX.

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Swissborg : The solution to pay 0 fees ?

Launched in 2017, Swissborg is a decentralized application that allows you to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies while enjoying the most attractive prices on the market. In particular, you can find many features such as the “Smart Yield” or the “Premium” offering its users many advantages. Not to mention that Swissborg offers you the possibility to get a “bonus ticket” as long as you go through an affiliate link and deposit at least 50 euros.

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Kucoin : The ideal site to find low-cap nuggets

Launched in September 2017, Kucoin, otherwise known as “the people Exchange”, is a very reputable platform for offering a very large number of cryptocurrencies, many of which are low-cap and very high potential. At present, Kucoin is among the most well-known and reputable exchanges on the market, especially in terms of security, reliability, quality of service, and features available on the site.

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Kraken : A key platform in the cryptocurrency market

Founded in July 2011 by Jesse Powell, Kraken is one of the oldest platforms on the market. Currently, a total of 61 crypto-currencies can be found on the site, a particularly low number unlike Binance or even Kucoin. However, with an exchange volume of more than $2.8 billion (according to CoinMarketCap), Kraken is in the 4ᵉ place of the ranking. The platform is very secure and has a fee of about 0.13%.

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Other exchanges available to buy your crypto-currencies

Other important cryptos “exchanges” such as Okex or Coinhouse allow you to buy your crypto-currencies and make transactions (to your wallets or to other crypto-asset exchanges) by payment. Warning: before investing in cryptocurrencies via platforms like Coinhouse or Okex, please always do your own research and never take out a loan or credit to “earn more”. Investing in cryptocurrencies is still a risky business (just like the traditional stock market).

Where and How to Buy Crypto Currencies step by step ?

Binance to buy Cryptocurrencies:

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Step 1: To register on Binance, please create an account by filling out the necessary information for your account to be created.

Once this step is done, you will receive a code via the email address you gave. Enter this code in the form and you are now registered. However, there are other important steps to follow.

You can buy cryptocurrencies on Binance. To do so, follow these two steps.

Step 2 : Click on “buy cryptos” located to the right of the red arrow.
Step 3 : Choose “bank deposit”.

Step 4 :Then choose to deposit by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Note that wire transfers take a few days, but do not charge any fees, unlike card deposits which are instantaneous, but charge you a 1.8% commission.

Step 5 : Finally, enter the amount you wish to deposit to Binance and confirm your transaction.

👉 For more information, go to our article dedicated to Binance

Which promising crypto currencies should I invest in?

Bitcoin : A bright future for the market leader

With a total capitalization of almost $1 trillion, Bitcoin is undoubtedly the number one cryptocurrency on the market. Bitcoin has a reputation for impacting all cryptocurrencies up and down when it fluctuates. Although some projects are very promising, it is currently, and for some time to come, Bitcoin that will lead the market.

Why and how to buy the cryptocurrency Bitcoin ?

Investing in the current market leader (Bitcoin) does not expose you to very high volatility, which is, therefore, less risky for your capital. To buy Bitcoin, we recommend using Binance or FTX. These are two very well-known and reputable platforms, especially for their security and the low fees they charge their users.

Ethereum : A revolutionary blockchain

Since its creation, Ethereum’s goal is to become a global computer, it is considered the most promising blockchain apart from Bitcoin. It aims to decentralize applications, and more recently all conventional financial services through its smart contracts.

Why and how to buy the Ethereum cryptocurrency ?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency with a very solid project and really promising long-term goals. Its current capitalization is over $400 billion, which is very high, but still far from what Ethereum is really worth in the eyes of some investors. To buy Ethereum, we advise you to go through Binance or FTX. These are two very well-known and reputable platforms especially for their security and the low fees they charge their users.

Binance Coin: The native token of a very promising blockchain

As the native currency of the Binance chain, BNB plays a vital role within the Binance ecosystem and offers a multitude of features for the platform’s users.

Why and how to buy the cryptocurrency Binance Coin ?

Binance is currently the market leader in exchanges, which in this case, regularly propels its native token which is BNB to new heights. To buy Binance Coin, we obviously advise you to go through Binance by clicking here.

How to Buy Crypto Currencies with Euros, Credit Card, Cash, etc ?

Currently, most platforms offer their users the possibility to deposit cryptocurrencies by transferring them from one exchange to another. However, there are platforms like Binance, Coinbase, or Swissborg, which offer other deposit solutions, such as:

  • Deposit by bank transfer
  • Deposit by credit card
  • Deposit by transferring your cryptos from one exchange to another

Where to buy cryptocurrencies with Euros or Dollars ?

Some platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, or Swissborg offer you the possibility to deposit money via euros or dollars.

Where to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card ?

You can buy cryptocurrencies with your credit card on Binance. Note that very few platforms offer this option to their users.

Where to buy cryptocurrencies with Paypal ?

The Coinbase platform offers you the means to buy your cryptocurrencies with your Paypal account.

Where can I buy cryptocurrencies with cash on a peer-to-peer basis ?

Currently, almost all cryptocurrency exchange platforms offer their users to transfer cryptocurrencies from one exchange to another with ease. This is one of the most common methods used on the market. You can find this option on Binance, FTX, Swissborg, Kucoin, Gateio, Coinbase Pro, Okex or Coinhouse.

What are the criteria for choosing a platform to buy cryptocurrencies ?

Transaction fees for each Buy and Sell of CryptoCurrencies

It’s a good idea to find out before using an exchange what fees they charge their users. If you want to benefit from the best fees, we advise you to use the following platforms:

Reliability and security of the platform

Nowadays, the security and reliability of a platform are of paramount importance. Among the most secure platforms, we can find the market leader Binance, but also FTX, Coinbase Pro, and Swissborg.

List of Crypto Currencies and pairs available for buying and selling

  • Binance : More than 300 cryptocurrencies are available
  • FTX : More than 200 cryptocurrencies are available
  • Swissborg : Only 15 cryptocurrencies are available
  • Kucoin : More than 300 cryptocurrencies are available

Trading volume (24 hours)

  • Binance : $38 billion
  • FTX : $1,4 billion
  • Kucoin : $1,6 billion
  • Coinbase Pro : $3,7 billion
  • Huobi : $9,7 billion
  • : $1,2 billion

How to protect your cryptocurrencies wallet once purchased ?

It is very important to protect your cryptocurrencies in order to avoid possible hacking causing the complete loss of your assets on your account. That’s why it is recommended to use other devices such as hardware or downloadable wallets.

Downloadable crypto wallets

  • Electrum : is one of the oldest software wallets still maintained. Available on computers (Mac, PC, Linux) and mobile, its interface goes to the basics, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced users, who have access to some advanced features like coin control for example.
  • Trust Wallet : Trust is one of the most reputable online wallets in the world, you can store many cryptocurrencies there.
  • Metamask : Just like its competitor Trust, Metamask is an excellent solution to store your cryptocurrencies online. All you need to do is install the extension available on Google Chrome, then add the asset you want to store.

Hardware wallets

  • Ledger :

Ledger is a company known worldwide for its wallets (hardware wallets), offering the possibility to its users to store their cryptocurrencies safely.

The company has several types of wallets such as the “Ledger Nano S” or the “Ledger Nano X”

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Conclusion : How to buy crypto currencies from France in 2022

There are many methods that allow you to buy cryptocurrencies in France. Platforms such as Binance, FTX, or even Swissborg stand out from the rest, in particular, thanks to:

  • The particularly low fees that they offer
  • The security set up to reduce risks, such as “hacks”
  • The ease of use

Frequently asked questions to buy crypto currencies in 2022

Which platform to buy cryptocurrencies ?

We recommend you to use very secure and reliable platforms such as Binance, FTX, Coinbase Pro, or Swissborg. If you want to know more about these exchanges, please visit this page

What is the best cryptocurrency platform ?

Binance is currently the market leader, especially due to the particularly low fees and security that the platform offers to its users.

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Where to buy cryptocurrencies ?

You can buy your cryptocurrencies on many online exchanges, such as Binance, FTX, or even Coinbase Pro.

What is the best site to buy Bitcoins ?

Again, we recommend Binance as the best place to buy your Bitcoins.

What is the most profitable cryptocurrency ?

It is always complicated to predict the price of a token, we can’t know exactly what will happen. However, we advise you to take a look at our articles about some cryptocurrencies.