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MakerDAO Founder Falls in Love with Solana

The aftermath of FTX’s bankruptcy has left Solana in a particularly delicate situation. Subject to user skepticism due to its close ties to the former Sam Bankman-Fried empire, the blockchain is looking to recover. Recently, Rune Christensen, co-founder of MakerDAO, openly expressed his affection for Solana in a message posted on the protocol’s forum.

The MakerDAO founder sets his sights on Solana

The possibilities are numerous for MakerDAO, but one seems to particularly please its co-founder: Solana. In his message, he explains that Solana is the most promising blockchain to explore and justifies his choice with three distinct reasons.

Firstly, he explains that the first reason is linked to Solana’s ability to be a highly efficient and fast blockchain.

Secondly, he believes that Solana’s ecosystem still has a flourishing community of developers despite the events related to FTX. Therefore, the costs of development and maintenance will inevitably be much lower.

Lastly, he cites other appchain projects that have successfully used Solana’s code as an example.

The Solana community is delighted

Solana’s co-founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, shared his enthusiasm for MakerDAO adopting Solana’s code. He believes that “the more code reuse there is in all ecosystems, the faster the growth.” Austin Federa, Head of Strategy at the Solana Foundation, echoes this sentiment, stating that “Rune Christensen’s proposal is a fantastic showcase of how Solana can fuel the next wave of innovation in this space.”

Cosmos as a second choice?

Since one should never rely solely on one attack plan, Rune Christensen has nonetheless considered several alternatives to Solana: Cosmos, Aptos, and Sui.

However, after careful consideration, only the Cosmos blockchain seemed suitable for MakerDAO’s ambitions.

In his view, this ecosystem “also presents some major advantages, primarily its vast pool of high-quality talent and range of available independent development companies, as well as the enormous number of successful appchains developed from Cosmos.” However, he favors Solana due to the higher cost of maintaining and optimizing a blockchain built on Cosmos.

The absence of Ethereum raises questions

Finally, some members of the Maker community are surprised that Ethereum is not included as an option for the development of the fifth phase.

In response to this post, a researcher named Haru wonders, “Solana and Cosmos are the only options? What about an EVM-based rollup?”

This comment is echoed by another forum member, Tosh9.0, who explains that Coinbase has deployed its own Ethereum layer 2 solution, Base. According to him, “nothing prevents Maker from doing the same.” The debates surrounding the final decision are bound to be fascinating.

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