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The Rise of Anthropic

The Meteoric Rise of Anthropic

Anthropic, already on Amazon’s radar, which recently injected a hefty sum of $1.25 billion into the company (with an option to go up to $4 billion), seems to have new suitors. According to sources close to the matter, Google, which had already acquired around 10% of the startup in 2022, is considering participating in this new fundraising round. If that’s the case, Anthropic could see at least an additional $2 billion flowing into its coffers.

The Meteoric Rise of Anthropic

The young startup, only 2 years old, has quickly made a name for itself with Claude, its chatbot that positions itself as a direct competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. But that’s not all. It aims to be valued between $20 and $30 billion, including this new investment. An astounding figure, considering that just last March, investors estimated the firm’s worth at only $4 billion. Such an increase would propel its shares far above those of OpenAI in terms of valuation.

This potential valuation has quickly caught the attention of FTX clients. In fact, such amounts would skyrocket the shares held by FTX to a value ranging between $3 and $4 billion.

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