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Unibot Falls Victim to Critical Exploit and Promises Full Refunds

Unibot reacts to a critical exploit: Unibot fell victim to a hack that exploited a vulnerability in token approval during the transition to a new order router.

Stolen assets laundered on Tornado Cash

The stolen cryptocurrencies were exchanged for ether and passed through Tornado Cash, a controversial mixing tool, making it difficult to trace illicit funds.

The company commits to refunding stolen funds

Unibot announced on X that affected users will be compensated.

In a critical update, Unibot revealed the exploitation of a flaw in token approval. The platform, which recently updated its order routing protocol, suffered a cyber attack compromising its digital assets. Unibot has affirmed its commitment to fully reimburse the funds of users affected by this attack, demonstrating its willingness to maintain trust and security within its community.

The stolen funds are already passing through Tornado Cash

The traceability of the stolen funds revealed a swift transfer to Tornado Cash, a platform known for its ability to obfuscate the origin of cryptocurrencies. PeckShield, a blockchain security company, tracked the path of the stolen assets, initially exchanged on Uniswap and then hidden through Tornado Cash. This incident highlights the frequent use of mixing services by malicious actors to conceal their illicit activities in the crypto ecosystem.

As a direct result of the hack, the value of the Unibot token dropped by nearly one-third, falling from $57 to less than $39 within hours.

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