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TRON Unveils New Mission, Vision, and Values

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TRON Unveils New Mission, Vision, and Values at Annual Internal Conference

TRON’s New Goals and Vision

Last June 14, 2023, TRON revealed its new mission, vision, and values at its annual internal conference held in Geneva, Switzerland. Founder Justin Sun discussed TRON’s ongoing commitment to its original goals of innovating with real-world solutions and empowering decentralized commerce and community for every person worldwide.

Sun stated, “The future of TRON will be a vibrant blue ocean full of opportunities where finance can be accessible to everyone in the world, and the network will eventually become a free port for financial services in the metaverse. As always, all our services will abide by local jurisdictional requirements.”

TRON will concentrate on generating trust from users and regulators in every context where services are provided. The network aims to become the world’s most trusted blockchain platform that is also compliant with regulatory policies to ensure its sustainability.

The Most Trusted Blockchain

With the second-highest total value locked (TVL), TRON has the most daily active users and transactions, with over 166.58 million total accounts and 5.85 billion transactions since its inception. Its increased focus on trustworthiness and the clarity of its values and principles will reinforce the public’s trust in the network.

TRON’s updated and clarified values are champion’s mindset, community obsession, embrace change, and long-termism. These values will be upheld and observed by the team, aiming for excellence, community inclusivity, innovation, and sustained ecosystem growth.

TRON’s guiding principles are Simplicity Achiever, 7*24 Standby Professional, Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Jobs, and Do Good Things. These principles will help members embody the values of the team, positively impacting users and the community.

Public Chain + Exchange + Stablecoin

Under the new business model of “public chain + exchange + stablecoin,” TRON aims to build a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to the needs of its users and contributes to the growth of the industry. TRON plans to create a Metaverse marketplace and community center built on blockchain tech and decentralized finance. As a result, TRON will have the opportunity to impact the global digital economy significantly.

With the second-largest DeFi ecosystem globally, TRON facilitates global commerce and community worldwide. Its stablecoin dominance is also unquestionable, moving more USDT than Tether’s native blockchain. TRON aims to create a Metaverse free port as a gateway to financial freedom for the 8 billion+ inhabitants of Earth, thus empowering decentralized community and commerce worldwide.


TRON continues to innovate, strive for a better and more inclusive world, and increase its trustworthiness to become the most trusted blockchain globally. Its commitment to regulatory compliance, ecosystem growth, and community inclusion are some of the reasons TRON is a top choice for users and investors.

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