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Jupiter Announces 4 Billion Token Airdrop to Active Users

Jupiter Prepares to Drop 4 Billion Tokens in Airdrop

In addition to the palpable anticipation surrounding Spot ETFs, many users in the market are also focused on airdrops. And let me tell you, Jupiter’s airdrop is one of them.

According to the latest information, nearly a million SOL wallets are eligible to receive a share of the four billion tokens offered by Jupiter.

As a reminder, Jupiter is a decentralized exchange and swap aggregator developed on Solana. The native tokens of the protocol, the $JUP, representing 40% of the total supply, will be distributed as early as next week, marking a major milestone for the DeFi aggregator.

The Titan Jupiter at the Heart of Solana’s DeFi

Jupiter stands out as one of the most significant DeFi projects on Solana. With a transaction volume reaching nearly $100 million in the last 24 hours, Jupiter is indeed a key player in the Solana ecosystem.

The airdrop aims to attract new users and generate hype around the project.

This initiative comes at a time of renewed interest in Solana (SOL), with its price recently surpassing the $60 mark despite the market turbulence and FTX’s collapse last year.

For users who want to learn more about the Jupiter DeFi project:

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