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French Red Cross Explores Web3 and Metaverse for Fundraising

French Red Cross integrates web3 and metaverse to raise funds and reach a wider audience by targeting cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

From December 14, 2023, to January 22, 2024, the French Red Cross, known for its crucial role in humanitarian assistance, takes a bold step into the digital world. The organization ventures into web3 and The Sandbox metaverse, exploring new methods of fundraising and raising awareness among a diverse audience, including cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This initiative is the result of a collaboration between the web3 specialized agency, Parishanghai, and the game studio Yobiké. The aim of this endeavor is twofold: to highlight the generosity of web3 actors while demonstrating the significant potential of this new fundraising method for humanitarian and solidarity organizations.

Fundraising through NFTs and cryptocurrencies

During this event, participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the Red Cross’s mission by purchasing NFTs or making direct donations in cryptocurrency. The Sandbox actively supports this initiative by donating 125,000 SAND to the organization. Additionally, a matching donations mechanism is put in place, allowing NFT buyers to maximize their impact. For every SAND spent by NFT buyers, an equivalent number of SAND will be donated by The Sandbox.

This initiative presents a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency holders to demonstrate generosity and contribute to an important cause, while actively participating in the French Red Cross’s humanitarian mission.

Participants can track the fundraising progress in real-time and make donations on the dedicated website:

Immersive and educational experience in the metaverse

In collaboration with The Sandbox, the French Red Cross offers an immersive and educational experience. Users can create their avatars and participate in virtual volunteer missions, reflecting the organization’s real activities. Three interactive maps will be available, with access to the third requiring an NFT PASS, enabling users to complete the experience.

This initiative marks a turning point for the French Red Cross, showcasing the organization’s willingness to adapt to new technologies to achieve its humanitarian goals. The adoption of web3 and the metaverse by such a prestigious organization underlines the potential of these technologies in the charitable and humanitarian sectors, paving the way for new forms of support and awareness.

Because crises and the uncertainties of life can affect everyone, the French Red Cross has been fighting for nearly 160 years to ensure that no one remains indifferent, that no one feels helpless. With our 70,000 volunteers throughout France, we act at every stage of crises, whether they are economic, health-related, social, climate-related, or personal. We help prevent them by educating and preparing our audiences. We provide assistance to the most affected populations, offering psychological, physical, and material support. And we help them recover.

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