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Exciting Web3 Job Opportunities

Discover captivating job opportunities in the dynamic world of Web3 with the 20th edition of CoinJobs. Don’t miss out on this week’s offers, a unique chance to embark on your next professional adventure with CoinAcademy!

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Web3 continues to revolutionize our interactions with technology and finance, offering a journey where everyone can contribute to building a fairer and more transparent digital future. Are you ready to be part of this revolution?

  • Paypal

    Integration Engineer Intern

    Location: Paris

    Paypal is offering an exciting internship opportunity for an Integration Engineer Intern in Paris. This role is an exceptional chance for computer science or related field students to gain valuable experience working in a dynamic and innovative environment. Interns will work on system integration projects, playing a key role in the development and optimization of Paypal’s payment services.

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  • IBM

    Blockchain Consulting Intern

    Location: Bois-Colombes

    IBM is seeking an intern as a Blockchain Consulting Intern to join their team in Bois-Colombes. This internship offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of blockchain technology and contribute to innovative projects at one of the global leaders in technological solutions.

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  • BNP Paribas

    Cybersecurity Expert

    Location: Montreuil

    BNP Paribas in Montreuil is seeking a Cybersecurity Expert. This position is ideal for experienced cybersecurity professionals looking to tackle challenges in a global banking environment. The role involves contributing to the protection of systems and data against cyber attacks, playing a crucial role in securing financial operations.

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  • Société Générale

    Risk Product Owner Assistant

    Location: La Défense

    Société Générale is searching for a Risk Product Owner Assistant in La Défense. This position is a great opportunity for those looking to develop expertise in risk management and finance. The role involves assisting in the design and development of risk management solutions, a vital skill in the financial sector.

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