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Bitcoin: after the adoption of Bitcoin, El Salvador will host the 2022 edition of Blockchain Fest

El Salvador recently announced to host the Blockchain Fest on its territory for its 2022 edition.

El Salvador is tapping hard for the second time since 2021. While Bitcoin became legal tender last September, the state is now announcing to host the 2022 edition of the Blockchain festival on their soil, a historic event for the crypto world.

The Blockchain festival, or “Blockchain Fest” is an event that offers interactive venues (conferences, forums, summits, exhibitions, shows, fairs and awards) on many themes revolving globally around crypto-currencies, Blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, the metaverse, online payments, relationships between banks and crypto-assets etc.

Announced from the beginning of the year on the official Twitter account of Nayib Bukele, new information about the 2022 edition has just fallen.

It will take place in El Salvador and is notably organized by the company Spartan Hill, which has funded a large part of the event, and will be sponsored by Token Partner, Block Media, Black Sand Capital, 360 BTL and BG Col.

Spartan Hill is a company involved in El Salvador in the promotion of blockchain projects.

Moreover, the information communicated reports that “education zones” on cryptos will be organized in particular in order to exchange with a public not yet informed. The main objective of this 2022 edition is to promote the Blockchain technology among the population.

There will also be a fair entirely dedicated to the “Bitcoin City“, a city dedicated to Bitcoin and supplied by the volcanic energy of El Salvador. A clean energy that allows to remedy the ecological problems related to cryptos and more precisely to mining activities.

This is in fact a goal confirmed by Agudelo Andrés, CEO of Spartan Hill:

“it will be an extraordinary event that will make its debut in the Latin nation to promote Blockchain networks”.

The event will take place from 21 to 23 April 2022 in the center of the capital (San Salvador) in El Salvador. Professionals (developers; artists including Mateo Sangster; Ana María Moreno etc.) recognized in the sector will travel for the occasion.

Some local media have already considered that the organization of this Blockchain festival will necessarily have impacts on the investment in cryptography and others in the country. Another event that contributes to the democratization of cryptos like Bitcoin throughout El Salvador and more globally.


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