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BlackRock Registers iShares Ethereum Trust in Delaware: The Market Reacts

BlackRock, the titan of asset management, has just registered a fund in the state of Delaware in the United States, the iShares Ethereum Trust.

The Price of Ethereum (ETH) Soars After the Announcement

The announcement from BlackRock had an immediate impact on the market, propelling Ether beyond the symbolic threshold of $2,000. This bullish momentum recalls the excitement sparked by the discussions between Grayscale and the SEC, which had seen Bitcoin reach new heights not seen since May 2022.

According to many experts, BlackRock’s approach in Delaware before addressing the SEC is seen as a deliberate strategy, already observed during the application for a Bitcoin spot ETF.

This move by BlackRock coincides with a pivotal moment for the SEC, which could approve up to 9 out of the 12 pending Bitcoin spot ETF requests, including the iShares Bitcoin Trust.

For now, no Spot ETF has been approved by the SEC.

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