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Bitpanda Contest: Win 12,000 Euros in Bitcoin

On the occasion of this new year, the exchange platform Bitpanda is organizing a contest with the possibility of winning 12,000 euros, which lasts until the end of January.

Discover in this article how to be eligible for this contest and try to win a share of this very attractive jackpot.

This article is brought to you in partnership with the Bitpanda platform (learn more)

What is Bitpanda?

Bitpanda is presented as an exchange platform that allows its users to buy, sell and trade over 3,000 assets including 350 cryptocurrencies and a variety of stocks and commodities such as gold.

The broker offers other alternative products, such as its staking service, which provides returns to investors, its automated savings plan, or its own debit card.

The platform was created in 2014 and is also recognized as the first actor to obtain the PSAN agreement from the Financial Markets Authority (AMF), allowing it to offer its crypto services in France.

Bitpanda Contest: 12,000 euros of Bitcoin (BTC) up for grabs

Bitpanda recently decided to launch a contest of 12,000 euros in the form of Bitcoin (BTC), divided among 10 users.

However, there are certain conditions that you must meet to be eligible. Indeed, to participate in this contest, you will need to create a savings plan with a minimum amount of 100 euros in any cryptocurrency.

Note that you have until January 28th to complete this operation, after which you will no longer be able to participate in the Bitpanda contest. The week of January 29th will be reserved for the draw.

The lucky winners will receive a savings plan with an automatic purchase of 100€ of BTC every month for 1 year, totaling 1200 euros per person for 10 winners.

What is the savings plan on Bitpanda?

Concretely, the “savings plans” service on Bitpanda allows you to automate the purchase of any asset.

Indeed, you only have to select a cryptocurrency, indicate the time interval at which you want to invest, and Bitpanda will take care of making the purchases for you.

As you may have guessed, this service is actually similar to “DCA” (dollar cost averaging), and can be a very good investment method for beginners or investors who don’t necessarily have time to keep an eye on the financial markets.

How to create a savings plan on Bitpanda?

Now that you know more about how savings plans work on Bitpanda, let’s move on to the tutorial.

First, go to the Bitpanda platform by clicking on this link: [click on this link]. If you don’t have an account, take the time to create one by providing all the necessary information.

Once on the main interface, click on your profile, then on the “Savings Plans” section.

Next, click on “Add a savings plan”.

Now you need to select the asset on which your funds will be invested.

Then choose the currency, as well as the payment method of your choice. Among the available methods, there are SEPA transfers that do not apply any fees, or purchases by VISA/MC credit card, which expose you to fees of 1.80%.

Now you just need to indicate the amount you want to invest periodically (for example: 100 euros every 30 days), as well as the frequency of your purchases, that is, how often your money will be invested and debited from your account.

Reminder: to be eligible for the contest, you must invest a minimum amount of 100 euros.

In the example below, a total of 100 euros will be invested every Friday at 19:00 on Bitcoin (BTC). However, note that the first purchase will take place immediately after the transaction is completed.

Of course, you can choose to cancel your savings plan at any time, and this is completely free of charge.

On the other hand, Bitpanda offers you the possibility to create multiple savings plans at the same time, which can be very useful if you want to diversify your investments.

And for those who wish to reduce their exposure to volatility, Bitpanda also offers crypto indices. The synergy of the savings plan with the crypto indices allows you to smooth your entry price while offering lower volatility!

An unmissable and unique contest

You now have all the cards in your hands to be eligible for the 12,000 euros contest organized by Bitpanda.

As a reminder, the draw will take place during the week of January 29th, so you have until January 28th to create your savings plan.

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