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Decentrashop: The Future of Decentralized Shopping

E-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, have undeniably shaped the way we buy and sell products online. However, these platforms are faced with numerous issues, such as centralization, lack of privacy, and high fees.

This is where Decentrashop comes in, a project on the verge of launching a fully decentralized ‘Amazon-like’ platform integrated with Web 3.0, offering a range of products that will interest all enthusiasts of the Geek and hardware world.

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Decentrashop: The Future of Decentralized Shopping?

Decentrashop positions itself as a decentralized alternative to e-commerce giants such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, or Alibaba.

The online commerce platform, set to launch in December 2023, stands out for its complete integration with the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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The transactions are conducted in cryptocurrencies, such as ETH or USDC, rather than fiat currency. Initially, the products offered on Decentrashop will primarily revolve around geek culture, but the platform aims to expand its catalog over time.

You will find gaming consoles, shoes, screens, and even Pokรฉmon cards, to name just a few examples.

Another key point to mention is that the users themselves will populate the catalog by selling their own new or used products. However, Decentrashop will be responsible for selecting the approved product categories, ensuring the legal compliance of each item sold.

Decentrashop Cashback: Be Rewarded for Purchasing Products

As previously mentioned, one of the interesting aspects of Decentrashop is its crypto cashback system. Essentially, cashback allows you to receive a portion of your expenses when making online purchases. On Decentrashop, you will receive this cashback in the form of cryptocurrencies, which you can then withdraw or use to buy other products.

In other words, it’s a well-thought-out strategy to encourage user engagement on the platform.

Note that there will be several ways for users to increase their cashback rate:

  • Loyalty: a loyalty program that allows you to lock your tokens on the platform, thereby increasing your cashback rate for each purchase made. This is an ingenious way to reward the most engaged users. To support this reward system, Decentrashop will launch its own DXS token, initially ‘in-app’ before being listed on exchanges. In other words, you won’t be able to sell it on the blockchain just yet, but you can use it to increase your cashback rate until its Token Generation Event.
  • NFT: the platform also offers advantages related to the ownership of certain blue-chip NFTs in your wallet. Indeed, owning an NFT from these collections could grant you an even higher cashback rate and access to exclusive offers on Decentrashop.
  • Finally, Decentrashop will later allow users to pay in fiat currency through an on-ramp solution, making the platform more accessible to the general public.

Rewards for Early Adopters

If the idea of joining a ‘crypto Amazon’ interests you, there are good reasons to do so early on.

Decentrashop offers special incentives for those who commit early, including joining the project’s Discord server. By becoming an early adopter, you will have access to exclusive offers that Decentrashop will announce in the near future. Moreover, you can participate in community building and contribute to the platform’s evolution in the long run.

Here are some actions you can take as an Early Adopter:

  • Engage in the Discord channels of the project (answering questions, helping newcomers, etc.)
  • Participate in events organized by the project
  • Suggest ideas and initiatives related to Decentrashop

Airdrop Decentrashop: Thousands of Dollars at Stake

To increase excitement around their project and grow their audience on social media, the Decentrashop team has also launched a community campaign on the Zealy platform. By participating in this campaign, users can earn rewards in the form of USDT tokens (up to $80 per person) and DXS, Decentrashop’s native cryptocurrency.

Some lucky participants will also have the opportunity to mint an NFT for exclusive benefits (cashback, discounts, etc.).

Decentrashop recently announced that the rewards will be distributed among the top 350 users on the leaderboard. To try your luck, all you have to do is complete quests on Zealy. You can visit this page to get started:

As you can see, there are currently several quests available, each associated with a certain number of experience points. The more points you have, the higher you climb in the overall ranking.

Note that this campaign is divided into two distinct sprints:

  • The first Zealy sprint will last until the release of version 0.1 of the Marketplace, scheduled for December 2023.
  • The second sprint will start after the release of version 0.1 of the Marketplace and will last until the release of version 1, planned for April 2024.
Click here to access Decentrashop

Decentrashop: The Future of Web3 E-commerce?

As you can see, Decentrashop presents itself as an answer to an increasingly relevant question: what is the future of decentralized shopping? By combining decentralization and the power of blockchain with the popularity of traditional e-commerce, Decentrashop seems to have tapped into an untapped market.

As the world moves towards decentralization, Decentrashop positions itself as a key player to closely follow.

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