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Discover the Celestia Airdrop Eligibility and How to Claim

If you haven’t heard of the Celestia platform, you might have come across it for the first time through its TIA token airdrop.

The Genesis Drop allocates 60 million TIA tokens, which is 6% of the supply, to the community. With over 576,653 eligible addresses for this airdrop, you might be part of it.

In this article, you will discover the eligibility criteria for the Celestia airdrop.

Quelques informations clés sur l’airdrop de Celestia

  • Projet : Celestia
  • Coûts : Gratuit
  • Durée : Rapide
  • Difficulté : Débutant
  • Jeton : TIA

Qu’est-ce que Celestia ?

Celestia is a modular blockchain network, meaning it is divided into several layers, each with a specific function. This modular architecture allows Celestia to achieve scalability, decentralization, and enhanced security.

The modularity of Celestia comes with several advantages:

  • Scalability: The consensus layer and the storage layer are designed to be scalable, allowing Celestia to process a large number of transactions.
  • Decentralization: The consensus layer is stake-based, making it highly decentralized.
  • Security: The consensus layer and the storage layer are designed to be secure, enabling Celestia to resist attacks.

Celestia can be used for a variety of applications, including financial applications such as payments, loans, and investments, digital identity applications such as ID cards and e-passports, and supply chain management applications such as product tracking and raw material procurement.


Celestia is an ambitious project aiming to revolutionize blockchain architecture. The modularity of Celestia enables it to achieve scalability, decentralization, and enhanced security. This makes it a promising platform for a variety of applications.

If you want to learn more about Celestia, check out our comprehensive article on Celestia.

Quelle est l’utilité du jeton TIA ?

TIA tokens are the native tokens of the Celestia blockchain. They have several utilities, including:

  • Participating in consensus: TIA tokens are used to participate in Celestia’s stake-based consensus mechanism. Network validators need to stake TIA tokens to have a chance of validating blocks and receiving rewards.
  • Paying transaction fees: TIA tokens are used to pay transaction fees on the Celestia network. Transaction fees are used to compensate network validators for their work.
  • Governance: TIA tokens are used to vote on governance proposals for the Celestia network. TIA token holders can vote on protocol changes, development projects, and other important decisions.

In addition to these main utilities, TIA tokens can also be used to buy goods and services on the Celestia blockchain, participate in decentralized games and applications on the Celestia blockchain, and invest in projects on the Celestia blockchain.

TIA tokens are an important element of the Celestia blockchain. They help ensure the security, scalability, and decentralization of the network.

Here are some specific examples of the utility of TIA tokens:

  • An individual can stake TIA tokens to become a validator on the Celestia network.
  • A merchant can accept TIA tokens as payment for their products or services.
  • A developer can create a decentralized game on the Celestia blockchain and sell TIA tokens to fund its development.

TIA tokens have the potential to become a significant digital asset. They can be used for a variety of applications and contribute to the growth of the Celestia blockchain.

Quelles sont les conditions d’éligibilité ?

The eligibility criteria are multiple, which is why the airdrop is divided into two parts:

Stakers and IBC Relayers – 20,000,000 TIA

  • 18.5 million TIA tokens will be allocated to participants who staked at least $75 on Cosmos Hub or Osmosis during the snapshot on January 1, 2023.
  • Eligibility is divided into three tiers:
    • Top 10% of the most active addresses / 3,250,000 TIA / 26,630 Users / Min 109.69 TIA
    • Top 50% of the most active addresses / 9,250,000 TIA / 116,552 Users / Min 79.36 TIA
    • Other addresses / 6,000,000 TIA / 119,635 Users / Min 50.15 TIA
  • The activity score of an address is determined by factors such as the date of its last transaction, the number of IBC transactions, the total value of transactions, the age of the account, the number of transactions, and gas fees.

Early Adopters of Ethereum Rollups – 20,000,000 TIA

The Genesis Drop also allocates 20,000,000 TIA tokens to the top 50% of the most active users of the top 10 Ethereum rollups ranked by TVL, holding a balance of over $50 during the snapshot on January 1, 2023.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Users with a snapshot balance of $50 onchain or bridged to the top 10 Ethereum rollups by TVL, as of April 20, 2023.
  • Balances collected onchain on OP Mainnet, Arbitrum One, and via rollup bridge contracts for ZK Sync Lite, DyDx (StarkEx), Immutable (StarkEx), SoRare (StarkEx), Loopring, Metis Andromeda, and Starknet.
  • Onchain data collected using Dune Analytics.

Activity score:

In addition to these eligibility criteria, your onchain activity score will increase your reward.

  • Account age
  • Spent fees (USD)
  • Number of transactions
  • Total value of all transactions in USD
  • Number of months the address has made an onchain transaction
  • Active months
  • Gitcoin donation
  • Ownership of an ENS domain (.eth)
  • Recency of their last transaction (before the snapshot on January 1, 2023)
  • Number of interactions with smart contracts on Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism, or Arbitrum One

However, your wallet may not be eligible if there are suspicions of Sybil attack or if your address is associated with fraudulent or illegal activities.

How to claim your Celestia airdrop?

If you believe that your wallet is eligible for the Celestia airdrop, you have until October 17, 2023, to collect your TIA tokens. To claim your tokens, once on Celestia, click on ‘Check TIA eligibility’.

If you believe you are eligible for the airdrop through the first option, connect your Cosmos Wallet or Osmosis wallet (Keplr or Leap). You will then see your allocation and the chance to request your tokens, which you will receive directly in your wallet upon the release of Celestia’s mainnet.

For the second option, connect your wallet through the Ethereum & Rollup option and follow the previous steps to obtain your tokens.

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