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Matter Labs Distributes 14 Billion ZK Tokens in Airdrop

Matter Labs, the developer behind layer 2 zkSync Era and ZK Stack, has announced an exceptional distribution of 14 billion ZK tokens.

According to Matter Labs:

An airdrop of 17.5% to 695,232 wallets is the largest token distribution to users among major L2s.

This launch is scheduled to happen without a vesting period, allowing the tokens to be transferable from day one.

Airdrop ZK: A Community-Centered Allocation?

The structure of this airdrop is notable for its commitment to the community, allocating two-thirds of the tokens to it, including 17.5% specifically for the airdrop, reaching 695,232 wallets. This approach aims to strengthen user engagement and decentralized governance through the on-chain governance process named ZK Nation, managed by the ZKsync Foundation.

To check your eligibility for zkSync airdrop and claim your ZK tokens, visit:

Balance and Anti-Sybil Measures

In addition to the airdrop, one-third of the ZK tokens is reserved for investors and the Matter Labs team, with a four-year vesting period that includes a one-year cliff. This means that these tokens will not be introduced to the market en masse before June 2025. Matter Labs made this decision in response to previous criticisms addressed to other projects for their management of vesting periods, seeking to avoid past mistakes.

To ensure a fair and targeted distribution, Matter Labs has employed anti-Sybil measures, taking a snapshot of all activity on ZKsync Era and ZKsync Lite on March 24, 2024, the anniversary of ZKsync Era’s mainnet launch. Several verification methods would have rewarded active participants, risk-takers, and ideally human contributors. Precise criteria based on activity markers and multipliers were used to calculate individual eligibility.

The token claim period will open next week and remain available until January 3, 2025. Thanks to zkSync’s native account abstraction, gas fees will not be an obstacle as token claiming is free.

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