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Vitalik’s Controversial Views: Questioning the Legitimacy of Crypto Companies

Vitalik Questions the Legitimacy of Crypto Companies

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum blockchain, recently shared controversial opinions on the governance of crypto companies, stating that they should be ‘more open.’ He also emphasized the concept of ‘public legitimacy,’ which he considers essential for individuals and organizations in the crypto field.

The Necessity of Public Legitimacy

Vitalik Buterin argues for more transparency and accountability in crypto companies. He highlights two major governance failures: one involving Sam Bankman-Fried and the other concerning the OpenAI board. According to Buterin, the fundamental issue in these situations was not just the controversial actions taken but the lack of transparent and responsible dialogue with the public.

Governance Failures in Certain Crypto Companies

Buterin criticizes governance failures in businesses like FTX, where the absence of a board of directors has highlighted the need for robust oversight mechanisms. He also emphasizes the importance of valuing public trust and legitimacy. Buterin poses the crucial question of how crypto companies can cultivate an environment of trust, transparency, and accountability. While some may view his ideas as utopian, the answer seems to lie in a governance model that not only respects legal mandates but genuinely engages with its community.

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