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MultiversX Forms Strategic Partnership with Google Cloud

MultiversX, a leading smart contracts platform, has formed a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. This alliance brings together MultiversX’s vision in Web3 and Google Cloud’s renowned expertise in artificial intelligence and data analytics tools.

Bringing a New Wind to Web3

The official announcement of this collaboration came at the xDay conference, a prominent technology event. Beniamin Mincu, CEO of MultiversX, and Daniel Rood, Head of Web3 EMEA at Google Cloud, shared their shared ambition to propel the Web3 domain.

MultiversX’s innovative system claims to be able to handle an impressive capacity of over 100,000 transactions per second. This technical feat has earned it the choice by prestigious institutions such as ICI D|SERVICES and Audi’s virtual reality platform, holoride.

In a collaborative effort, Google Cloud’s BigQuery has integrated with the MultiversX network. This merger enables ambitious blockchain projects to start, thus facilitating access to crucial information for developers.

Towards a Solid Web3 Infrastructure

Daniel Rood highlighted the immense potential of this partnership. According to him, this collaboration will strengthen the global strategy and position Google Cloud as a major player in blockchain innovation. With the expertise of Google Cloud, developers can benefit from a wide range of advanced tools, ensuring performance and adaptability to their applications.

Companies adopting MultiversX’s blockchain will enjoy numerous benefits, including access to Google Cloud credits, exclusive participation in Google Cloud events, and introductions to Google’s investor partners. The two leaders have also launched the xDay Hackathon, offering unique opportunities for participants, with a prize pool of up to 1 million dollars.

We are excited to unveil this collaboration as part of a strategic plan to develop our ecosystem and offer meaningful opportunities to users and developers. MultiversX is in a unique position, with great potential for accelerated growth, and the additional products and services brought by Google Cloud are a key contribution to that.

Beniamin Mincu expressed his pride in this collaboration, highlighting its strategic importance for users and developers. With the support of Google Cloud, MultiversX anticipates boosted growth.

This alliance showcases Google Cloud’s commitment to Web3, strengthening its tradition of technological innovation. The two actors will work hand in hand to explore new synergies and support startup growth.

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