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Ukraine: NFT flag sold at auction by UkraineDAO for $6.75 million

After crypto donations, it’s UkraineDAO’s turn to raise more than $6 million in an auction of the country’s symbol: its flag.

For more than a week, the world has been focused on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. After the appeal for donations in crypto-currencies by Ukraine, which collected more than 52 million dollars (bitcoins, ethers, usdt in particular), it is the auction of an NFT flag in the colors of the country that has just brought in a new significant sum.

This auction has raised a total of 2,258 ETH, which corresponds to 6.79 million dollars. It took place on the NFT marketplace named Zora.

The initiative was initiated by Alona Shevchenko, a Ukrainian activist living in England. She said she got the idea after meeting with members of PleasrDAO and PussyRiot. Nadya Tolokonnikova, a member of PussyRiot, explained her choice to the foreign press. According to her, it was a pure question of solidarity.

“I personally pushed to use the Ukrainian flag. Because it is not about artists or specific aesthetics, it is a pure gesture of solidarity.

Entities and personalities that are surprising, to say the least, participated in the DAO, we think in particular of Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit or OnlyFans as reported by the official Twitter account of the Ukraine DAO. Indeed, the adult platform contributed 500 ETH, which is about $1.41 million.

“🚨 500 ETH Contribution from @onlyfans / only.eth 🚨 There are now 1221 ETH in the auction pool, triggering the auction countdown after the 1000 ETH reserve has been reached.”

Like the donations in cryptocurrencies (bitcoins, ethers, usdt mainly and which are still pouring in at the time of writing), UkraineDAO wishes to reward the donors.

Accordingly, each donor will receive a LOVE token, which is an ERC-20 token. These LOVE tokens will represent the property of the NFT up to the amount of each donor’s contribution.

The funds raised by Ukraine through the sale of the NFT flag are intended to support the war effort and the Ukrainian people. A large part of the money raised will be allocated to the army.

From rewards to airdrop cancellation

It can be said that Ukraine enjoys wide support at the global level. Once again it does not wish to remain passive and has always displayed its intention to reward these surges of generosity.

A few days ago Ukraine had announced airdrops for the benefit of crypto donors. If they finally backed down, rewards in the form of NFTs should be coming soon.

The cancellation was confirmed by Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, on his official Twitter account. To date, no further information has been released about the NFTs.

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