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Surfin’ Bitcoin in Biarritz: Unveiling the Insights from Media Merge

‘Surfin’ Bitcoin in Biarritz: The Third Edition of Media Merge’

The ‘Surfin’ Bitcoin in Biarritz’ event witnessed the third edition of Media Merge, an innovation by our colleagues at Oak in the unique field of crypto media.

As in the two previous editions of Media Merge, the leading French-speaking media outlets in the crypto/web3 ecosystem came together to share their vision of the market, regulation, and the latest hot topics.

At the helm, we have Artem from Oak, accompanied by Esprit Cryptique or Antoine from Le Journal du Coin, Lilian Aliaga from Cryptoast, and Crypto Picsou or Léo from CoinAcademy.

In the heart of this third edition of Media Merge, the eminent representatives of various French-speaking media outlets conducted an in-depth analysis of the ever-evolving dynamics of the crypto universe.

In this vibrant and interactive setting, they first explored the complex and intertwined situation of the FTX galaxy before delving into the backstage of other renowned centralized exchanges, such as Binance. The conversation then shifted towards a meticulous critique of Ledger, particularly addressing the controversies surrounding its recent functionality.

Expanding their perspective, they delved into the potential future of the titanic enterprise BlackRock, evaluating the repercussions of the recently filed Bitcoin ETF requests. They did not neglect the heart of the matter, venturing into an enlightened discussion on the current governance of Bitcoin.

The debate also took a playful turn, with a detour into the world of crypto casinos, currently embodied by Rollbit, a platform that has managed to captivate attention.

Finally, the panel transformed into a scene of media analysis, as the participants delved into the landscape of information and media in France. Gathered on the tranquil Biarritz set, the speakers shared their personal vision in a discussion that seamlessly blended expertise and passion.

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