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Solana Sets New Record with WEN Airdrop

A New Record for the Solana Network:

The blockchain network is experiencing high on-chain activity, fueled in particular by the airdrop of WEN to over a million wallets.

The claim window for the WEN token, launched by Jupiter, will close tomorrow.

Solana is having a promising start to 2024, with a significant increase in transaction volumes and registrations.

An Unprecedented Enthusiasm for Solana

The year 2024 has started off strong for Solana, with transaction volumes reaching unparalleled heights since October 2022. The number of daily registrations on Solana has also reached a record high. Despite a peak in registrations in May 2022, January 2024 has already surpassed the previous month’s record with over 10 million new addresses.

This surge is partly due to the attraction of memecoins based on Solana, such as the recently launched WEN token by the swap aggregator Jupiter. The airdrop of WEN is currently being distributed to over a million users, although nearly half of this airdrop is still unclaimed.

The claim window for WEN, accessible to users of the Solana Jupiter exchange, Solana Saga phone owners, and certain holders of Solana-based NFTs, is about to close.

The Jupiter JUP Airdrop on the Verge of Propelling Solana?

Currently, the WEN token from Jupiter is trading around $0.00015 and has a market cap of approximately $130 million. Therefore, the value of this airdrop is now worth around $100.

WEN also serves as a test for Jupiter before its own governance token JUP is airdropped to eligible users who have reached a trading volume of $1,000 by the snapshot date in November 2023.

This success demonstrates the significant impact of memecoins launched on the Solana blockchain, including BONK and more recently WEN.

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