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NFT: Pixar launches its NFT collection, PALS, on VeVe

Disney Pixar’s NFT collection, Pals, has just been launched on the VeVe market, the collection is sold out, barely 24 hours after its launch.

Disney asserts once again its intention to conquer the Metaverse with its little heroes. After Marvel, it’s Pixar’s turn to have its NFT collection, the collection has been sold out in less than 24 hours. Discover everything about this collection and the ambitions of the animation giants.

Pixar announces a drop of NFT on VeVe

VeVe’s platform launched a drop of NFTs featuring iconic characters from cartoons created by Pixar Animation Studios. Each NFT was available for $60 as a “Mystery Box“. The collection consists of:

  • Woody : of the Toy Story cartoon in 13,999 copies (common)
  • Mike Wazowski : of Monstre & Compagnie, in 13 999 copies (common)
  • Lightning McQueen : Cars, in 10,999 copies (uncommon))
  • La maison de Là Haut : de Là Haut, 8 999 copies (rare)
  • And, Edna Mode : The Incredibles, in 6,900 copies (ultra rare)

The sale of this collection would have brought in the equivalent of $3.3 million. In 2021, Disney had licensed the NFT VeVe platform to have some of the anime giant’s intellectual property rights and start the transformation of the studio into a metaverse giant.

Disney has good reasons to get involved in this universe, as the next generations will probably be bathed in the Metaverse. So Disney might as well develop its activities in a virtual universe that has no boundaries, and this is the ambition that the studio is putting forward with this collection that marks the beginning of a new adventure for Disney heroes.

On the secondary market, items from the Pixar collection sell for up to $350. The NFTs on offer are “mint” on the GoChain blockchain, which is fast, eco-friendly and fully compatible with Ethereum (ETH), according to the creators.

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