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Phantom Wallet Teases Integration of Bitcoin (BTC)

Phantom Wallet Set to Integrate Bitcoin (BTC):

  • The Phantom wallet has just teased the integration of Bitcoin.
  • Users will be able to buy/sell and transfer BTC.
  • The integration date has not been announced yet.

The Arrival of Bitcoin on Phantom Wallet

Phantom Wallet, which is the most popular digital wallet on Solana, has just teased the integration of Bitcoin through a video on its X account.

With this new feature, Phantom Wallet holders will soon be able to interact directly with the Bitcoin network, providing them with the ability to buy, sell, exchange, and transfer Bitcoins (BTC) directly from their Phantom wallet.

This integration highlights Phantom’s commitment to providing a user experience that evolves over time, thus meeting the growing needs of the crypto ecosystem.

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