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The NFT Market Approaches a Billion-Dollar Volume

The NFT Market Approaches a Billion-Dollar Volume

The non-fungible token (NFT) market is experiencing rapid growth, nearing a billion-dollar trading volume in November.

Data from DappRadar reveals a approximately 130% surge in trading volume, marking a notable shift in user behavior that contrasts with previous bearish trends.

This increase is accompanied by a significant rise in the average value of NFT transactions, increasing from $126 to $270, an 114% surge.

Web3 experts, including Jonathan Perkins, co-founder of SuperRare, expect this positive trend to continue in the coming months.

Promising Data for Web3 Gaming

In parallel, Web3 gaming, another cornerstone sector of the decentralized ecosystem, demonstrates particularly good health.

Unique daily active wallets in this sector have increased by 14%, accounting for 34% of the decentralized application market.

Since the beginning of the year, blockchain gaming projects have successfully secured substantial investments, with a total of $2.3 billion raised.

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