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New Memecoin PEPE (BEP20) Launches on BNB Chain

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A New Memecoin, PEPE (BEP20), Launches on BNB Chain

A new memecoin called PEPE is set to launch on the BNB Chain, following the success of its Ethereum counterpart. PEPE, issued as a BEP20 token, is a unique memecoin that incorporates interesting mechanisms into its tokenomics.

Like the original PEPE token, which gained immense popularity in 2023, the BEP20 PEPE draws inspiration from the iconic frog character from the webcomic ‘Boy’s Club’.

Unlike other meme-inspired coins, the PEPE (BEP20) stands out due to its innovative features, including a syndication system aimed at supporting price stabilization.

Multiple PEPE Projects on the Horizon

The team behind PEPE on the BNB Chain has ambitious plans to launch multiple PEPE projects, all centered around the lovable frog character. In fact, they have lined up 13 such releases for 2023 alone.

While each PEPE project will function independently, they will all be governed by the ‘Burn & Drop’ system, a unique concept in which burning one token leads to an airdrop of another.

The ‘Burn & Drop’ process involves two types of tokens. For example, if Token A is priced at $1 and PEPE (BEP20) is also priced at $1, Token A holders have the option to burn their tokens on the Burn & Drop platform, automatically receiving PEPE (BEP20) through an airdrop. This reduces the total supply of Token A.

By implementing the Burn & Drop process, PEPE (BEP20) aims to reduce excess volatility and potentially offer trading opportunities for arbitrage and intra-token trading. Users can directly engage with this logic within the platform.

Expanding Utility and Airdrop Campaign

PEPE (BEP20) has plans to introduce various services that will enhance the token’s utility. To generate more interest in the project, PEPE (BEP20) is currently running an airdrop campaign on Twitter that is open to everyone.


PEPEBEP20 is a project launched on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP20 token. It incorporates the Pepe Syndicate and the unique ‘Burn & Drop’ mechanism to manage the token’s price volatility. This mechanism aims to mitigate price fluctuations, while fostering collaboration among projects participating in the ‘Burn & Drop’ system.

For more information about the campaign, please visit PEPEBE20’s official Twitter (@pepecoinbep20) or join their Telegram group.

PEPEBEP20 is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


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