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Oval3 Token to be Listed on Bitget

The Recent Growth of Oval3

Oval3, already recognized as a pioneer in the gaming sector of rugby, continues its ambition to seamlessly merge the passion for rugby with the latest technological advancements of the digital era. The game offers players an immersive experience by allowing them to create virtual teams based on the real performance of rugby players on the blockchain.

The Price at Listing of the OVAL3 Token

The Oval3 marketplace, already bustling with over $500,000 generated in NFT sales, demonstrates the economic potential and attractiveness of the game. This momentum showcases the viability and appeal of Oval3 in the blockchain-based gaming sector.

The unique fan experiences organized by Oval3 in cities like Toulouse have also contributed to strengthening the connection between rugby enthusiasts and the digital world.

During its listing on exchange platforms, scheduled for noon (French time) on Bitget, the price of the $OVL3 token will be $0.03.

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