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Optimism Launches Third Airdrop to Promote User Engagement

In a groundbreaking decision aimed at escalating user engagement, the notable Layer 2 network Optimism has announced its third airdrop. This major initiative saw the distribution of 19.4 million OP tokens, equivalent to $26 million, to a significant number of 31,870 addresses. As a member of the Optimism Collective, this governance unit has specifically earmarked this allocation for those who actively participated in its DAO delegations.

The origin of Optimism lies within the Ethereum network, functioning as a foundational Layer 2 infrastructure that employs optimistic roll-up technology, which is pivotal in scaling and enhancing the efficiency of decentralized applications. This airdrop reflects the network’s continuous commitment to foster a proactive and participative user community, aiming to further galvanize engagement in its decentralized operations.

Who is eligible for the 3rd OP airdrop by Optimism?

What sets this airdrop apart is the complex yet fair method of reward calculation. Essentially, the rewards obtained by users were determined based on the amount of delegated OP tokens combined with the holding period of these tokens. A minimum threshold of 18,000 units was defined as the product of delegated OP tokens and the number of days they were held, covering an eligibility period from January 20th to July 20th.

A unique proposal was added: users who expressed their opinions in at least one on-chain proposal during the stipulated period received a 2x multiplier on their rewards. However, to maintain a level playing field, a ceiling of 10,000 OP tokens per address was imposed to prevent disproportionate reward accumulation.

This recent airdrop, an extension of a series of rewarding initiatives, followed the distribution of unclaimed funds from the first airdrop initiated in May 2022.

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