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SBF’s Lawyers Striving to Release Their Client

Weeks away from SBF’s trial, the former FTX CEO’s lawyers are still maneuvering to get their client out of prison. 

The US Department of Justice is not convinced by SBF’s arguments 

Despite their efforts, SBF’s lawyers are struggling to convince the judge of the validity of their request. In fact, the prosecution has not hesitated to present several arguments to discredit Sam Bankman-Fried’s stance.

Last week, the DoJ claimed that a plan had been put in place to provide SBF with privileged access to prepare his defense.

Among the measures mentioned, prosecutors specifically referred to access to multiple hard drives and a laptop connected to the internet with a new battery.

SBF’s lawyers contradict the DoJ version

SBF’s defense quickly asked the judge to verify the evidence presented by the prosecutors. According to them, the prosecution’s version was excessively positive and did not reflect reality.

In response, the judge in charge of the case simply ordered SBF’s team to provide more details to assist in the decision-making process.

In a letter revealed on Friday, SBF’s lawyers explain that their client can only upload a single document due to the slow internet speed when using the provided computer.

They further clarify that “despite the government’s efforts, there seems to be no solution to the internet access problem in the cell block.” As a result, they add that “SBF cannot adequately prepare for the trial under such limitations.”

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