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North Korean Group Lazarus Behind $41 Million Crypto Hack at Stake

The recent massive $41 million crypto hack at Stake has been attributed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to the infamous North Korean group, Lazarus. This revelation comes amidst a series of cyber attacks in 2023 that have seen the group amass an astonishing loot exceeding $200 million in cryptocurrency.

A Detailed Look into the September 4th Hack at Stake

Stake, one of the world’s largest crypto casinos, found itself on the receiving end of a significant hack on September 4th. The hacking saga saw cybercriminals siphon over $41 million from the platform’s hot wallets. Despite the significant financial setback, Stake administration assured that the breach was contained to a small portion of the funds, thereby safeguarding users from immediate repercussions.

The Dark Traces of the Lazarus Group

The FBI investigation traced the stolen assets across multiple digital currency networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon, pinpointing the exact addresses holding the pilfered cryptocurrencies. In light of this, they issued a stern warning for all crypto businesses and protocols to scrutinize and avoid transactions linked to these flagged addresses.

Connecting the Dots: A Year of Crypto Criminal Activities

2023 has marked a string of relentless crypto attacks orchestrated by the Lazarus Group, extending beyond the Stake incident. The FBI documents a series of high-profile hacks that have bolstered the ill-gained wealth of the group this year. This includes the extraction of $65 million from Alphapo payment processor, a $37 million heist from CoinsPaid through sophisticated social engineering tactics, and a colossal withdrawal of $100 million from Atomic Wallet users, painting a dark picture of the current cybercrime landscape.

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