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NFT : The OpenSea platform responds to hacking accusations with $2 million of stolen NFTs

As the NFT marketplace OpenSea is in the midst of a process of changing the smart contracts related to the listing of NFTs on its platform, many users have seen their wallet emptied of all their assets.

Quickly, the panic takes hold of the NFT community on Twitter which thinks of a smart contract flaw putting every wallet on OpenSea at risk.

Technical enthusiasts then turn to to try to investigate the matter, until they get the site in trouble. Among the most talented, some managed to detect signatures emitted by the compromised wallets. These signatures could potentially be at the origin of the attack.

A phishing attack that would have allowed a smart guy to steal hundreds of NFTs for a total value of around 2 million dollars.

While some continue to believe that the hack was the result of a breach of contract, no evidence has yet been released and OpenSea continues to maintain that the attack is not related to its platform.

The thief has returned some NFTs, although it is not clear why, but remains anonymous for the time being. His wallet had been funded using the Tornado Cash mixer over a month ago.

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