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Nansen Reports Security Breach from Third-Party Provider

Pioneering in crypto and blockchain analysis, Nansen has reported a security breach originating from a third-party provider. This intrusion exposed 6.8% of its users’ information. Unexpectedly, the intruders gained administrative rights to a crucial account that grants customers access to the Nansen platform.

Le fournisseur en question : une entité de confiance

Without revealing the identity of the third-party provider, Nansen highlighted its reputation, stating that many Fortune 500 companies rely on their services to manage their data. This same provider also serves other major players in the crypto industry.

Détail des dégâts : expositions d’adresses e-mails et blockchain

Among the victims of this breach, email addresses, password hashes, and, for some, their blockchain addresses were compromised. Nansen promptly identified and informed the affected users, urging them to enhance their security by changing their passwords. Nansen reassured that users’ wallet funds were not affected by this incident since private keys should never be shared.

Renowned for its insightful blockchain analyses, Nansen plays a crucial role for major players in the crypto industry. Nansen’s CEO, Alex Svanevik, had expressed a vision of a future where blockchain transparency and user privacy coexist harmoniously while complying with regulations. However, despite its dominant position, Nansen is not immune to market challenges. Last May, the company had to face the consequences of a bear market, resulting in the dismissal of nearly 30% of its staff.

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