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The Mystery of Eye Pain at Apefest Solved by Yuga Labs

The Mystery of Eye Pain at Apefest Solved by Yuga Labs:

Yuga Labs confirms correlation between UV-A lights and health issues reported at Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) event.

As a reminder, participants at ApeFest in Hong Kong reported eye pain and skin irritations.

Yuga Labs advises those affected to make an appointment with their doctor.

UV Lights Behind Eye Troubles

During the ApeFest event in Hong Kong on November 5, a series of eye pain and skin irritations were reported by 15 participants, causing immediate concerns. This morning, four days after the event, Yuga Labs, the company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, confirmed that UV-A lights were likely the cause of these incidents.

To determine the causes of the incident, the studio conducted a thorough investigation alongside Jack Morton Worldwide, the organizer of Apefest.

These lights, often used for special effects in entertainment venues, emit a range of UV wavelengths, some of which can be harmful. While specific details about the types of UV-A lights used at ApeFest were not disclosed, the company encouraged those affected to seek medical assistance and report their exposure.

Numerous Reactions on Social Media

Yuga Labs’ response was swift, expressing their concern and commitment to supporting the recovery of those affected.

However, this incident cast a shadow over ApeFest, an event usually celebrated for its community and innovation. The company also faced criticism for disabling direct messages on Twitter, complicating communication with affected participants.

Ultimately, this event highlights the importance of participant safety at gatherings and the need for vigilance in the use of potentially dangerous technologies.

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