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MicroStrategy Rebrands as Bitcoin Development Company

MicroStrategy, the business intelligence company that has been accumulating Bitcoin over the past year, has announced a rebranding as a “Bitcoin development company.” The move reflects the growing demand for Bitcoin and the recent introduction of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

L’ETF Bitcoin Spot catalyse la demande

According to MicroStrategy’s co-founder and executive chairman, Michael Saylor, the recent introduction of Bitcoin ETFs has led to a surge in the price of BTC. This is due to a massive demand for Bitcoin from the ETFs, which outweighs the supply coming from natural sellers, i.e. miners.

There is ten times more demand for Bitcoin from these ETFs than there is supply from natural sellers, who are the miners.

Michael Saylor

Une décennie d’attente pour les ETF Bitcoin Spot

According to Saylor, there has been a pent-up demand for Bitcoin ETFs for the past decade, and the accessibility of these products to traditional investors is what is driving the influx of capital into this asset class. One of the key factors that make Bitcoin attractive to investors is its lack of correlation with traditional risk assets and its lack of exposure to specific countries or companies.

Bitcoin is not correlated with traditional risk assets and does not have exposure to a specific country or company, quarterly results, product cycles, competitors, weather, war, an employee base, or a supply chain.


MicroStrategy: A New Identity

MicroStrategy’s rebranding as a Bitcoin development company reflects its strategy of accumulating Bitcoin and promoting the growth of the Bitcoin network. According to Saylor, this decision is a natural one given the success of their Bitcoin strategy and their status as the world’s largest publicly traded holder of Bitcoin. He compares MicroStrategy to a real estate or oil development company, highlighting the flexibility of the business model, which allows them to develop software, generate cash flows, leverage the capital markets, accumulate Bitcoin for their shareholders, and foster the growth of the Bitcoin network.

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