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MicroStrategy’s Profit from Bitcoin Investment

MicroStrategy holds a total of 158,245 BTC, currently valued at $4.735 billion. The company made its initial investment at an average price of $29,582 per BTC, with a current profit of around $300 per token thanks to the recent rise of Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor, having stepped down as CEO to become chairman of the board, is now focusing his energy on MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investment strategy, strengthening his firm belief in the potential of this cryptocurrency.

As Bitcoin bounces back and flirts with the critical threshold of $30,000, MicroStrategy is currently reaping the rewards of its bold investment. Under the guidance of Michael Saylor, the Tysons-based company in Virginia is holding onto its initial Bitcoin stake at an average cost of $29,582 per BTC. Currently, as Bitcoin hovers just above this amount at $29,900, the company is enjoying a comfortable profit of over $300 per BTC. With an impressive total of 158,245 BTC, the total latent profit amounts to $54.27 million.

MicroStrategy sees further

Rather than simply HODLing its bitcoins, MicroStrategy has bigger plans and continues to invest. The company has expressed its desire to further increase its Bitcoin holdings, considering raising funds through the sale of shares. Saylor’s recent transition from CEO to chairman allows him to fully focus on the company’s Bitcoin investment vision. Firmly believing in the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin, Saylor sees it not only as a solid alternative to gold, but also believes that blockchain technology could transform areas such as smart contracts, decentralized finance, and even electoral processes.

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