Discover the crypto universe in depth Introduces New Feature to Enhance Account Security introduces new feature to enhance account security, known for its decentralized approach to social media, has unveiled a major update following a wave of SIM-swap attacks. This new feature provides users with the flexibility to add or remove login methods for their accounts. Since October 4th, app users have been able to access these settings simply by tapping on their wallet balance.

Two-factor authentication: An ongoing debate

Faced with growing concerns, many have questioned why has not yet implemented two-factor authentication. In response, the platform has highlighted that this feature, in its current state, could potentially block many users. However, it has indicated that updates to the user experience are being worked on with Privy, the technological partner responsible for privacy features, to address this issue.

Mixed reactions and alarming hacks

While reactions have been mixed, many users have expressed their concerns, with some even finding themselves locked out of their accounts. Additionally, the lack of sign-out on other devices, even after changing authentication methods, leaves potential vulnerabilities for hackers.

Security issues reached a peak on October 4th when hackers launched SIM-swap attacks, compromising numerous accounts. These attacks resulted in the loss of over 100 ETH in a week, with the stolen value reaching $385,000 worth of Ether by October 5th.

These recent security challenges come in the midst of impressive growth for, with a significant increase in revenue, totaling 30,000 ETH invested in the application.

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