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Layer N: A Solution for Performance and Composability

Layer N is emerging as a pioneering solution that aims to redefine what is possible in the realm of on-chain applications, by directly addressing the challenges of performance and composability that currently hinder the blockchain infrastructure.

Overcoming the challenges of performance and composability

Unlike existing solutions that must choose between performance and composability, Layer N introduces StateNet, an innovative architecture that combines the benefits of autonomous rollups with the synchronized composability of monolithic stacks. This breakthrough is essential in achieving performance and feature parity with centralized systems while paving the way for unprecedented composability among thousands of on-chain applications.

StateNet: Layer N’s architecture

At the core of StateNet are the Rollup Nodes, each offering a specific execution environment – from System Rollup Nodes (SRN) providing system-level functionality to Generalized Rollup Nodes (GRN) and Application-specific Rollup Nodes (ARN) enabling the deployment of applications with custom execution logic. This structure ensures horizontal scalability and flexibility, allowing for the deployment of thousands of rollups without compromising performance or composability.

Revolutionary inter-rollup communication

Layer N’s inter-rollup communication is designed to enable message passing across the StateNet network, eliminating withdrawal delays and risks associated with bridges. Through components such as Message Queues, Routers, and the Gate, Layer N ensures direct composability and liquidity sharing between all network applications, fostering an innovative user experience in the blockchain ecosystem.

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