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AggLayer: Connecting Blockchains with ZK Proofs and a Staking Layer on the Horizon

AggLayer to be launched in February on Polygon:

AggLayer: Connecting Blockchains with ZK Proofs

Polygon Labs is preparing to launch a new solution called AggLayer, which aims to connect blockchains using zero-knowledge proofs (ZK proofs).

AggLayer sets itself apart from traditional interoperability solutions by aggregating ZK proofs from all connected chains, creating an integrated environment that gives the impression of a single chain while preserving the sovereignty of each individual blockchain.

“As a central component of Polygon 2.0, AggLayer will use ZK proofs to create an aggregated and transparent environment that resembles a single chain, even though each chain in the ecosystem remains sovereign,” stated Polygon Labs.

– Polygon Labs

Additionally, AggLayer aims to provide uniform security and support “unified liquidity” across modular blockchains (composed of interconnected parts) and monolithic blockchains (built in a more unified and centralized manner).

Staking Layer in Development at Polygon Labs

Polygon Labs is also working on a staking layer for the ecosystem, which is expected to be released in the coming months.

Currently, the Polygon network primarily operates as a sidechain and a layer 2 based on ZK-Rollups technology.

The introduction of AggLayer in Polygon 2.0 is expected to make it easier to integrate layer 2 solutions within the Polygon ecosystem, improving their ability to interact with each other (interoperability) and operate more smoothly and efficiently.

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