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Jobbio: Your Partner for Web3 Recruitment

Welcome to the ninth edition of CoinJobs, your article series dedicated to guiding you through the opportunities and news of the Web3 world. This week, we take a break from our usual exploration of job offers to highlight our valuable partner, Jobbio, which offers innovative and effective recruitment solutions in the Web3 sector.

Jobbio: Your partner in crypto recruitment

In the rapidly evolving world of Web3, attracting the right talent can be challenging. Whether you’re a budding startup or an established company in the crypto space, Jobbio offers recruitment solutions that connect you with qualified professionals who are passionate about the field.

Offers tailored to your needs

  • 30-day single job posting: If you’re hiring for a specific role within your company, get your job posted on the CoinAcademy job board for only €249.00.
    Post your job here
  • Unlimited job postings for 30 days: If you’re hiring for multiple roles, you can get unlimited job postings on the CoinAcademy job board for only €499.00. This is a fantastic option for fast-growing companies in the crypto space.
    Post your jobs here
  • Premium subscription: Showcase your brand and roles through CoinAcademy and our global partner network Amply with a custom company profile.
    Request a demo here

Why choose Jobbio?

Jobbio offers a platform that not only showcases your job offerings but also your brand, company culture, and values, attracting not just candidates, but the right candidates. Their extensive network ensures that your job postings are seen by a wide and relevant audience, maximizing your chances of finding the perfect talent.

A bright future with CoinAcademy and Jobbio

At CoinAcademy, we’re excited to be working with Jobbio to bring you the best opportunities and recruitment solutions in the Web3 sector. Together, we’re committed to building bridges between companies and talented professionals in the crypto space, contributing to shaping the future of Web3.

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