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Hacker Makes Demanding Offer to Kyber

The Hacker’s Outlandish Demands

The hacker responsible for the $46 million exploit on KyberSwap has made audacious conditions for the return of the stolen funds in an on-chain message dated November 30. These conditions include full control over the Kyber company, as well as temporary authority over its governance mechanism, KyberDAO. The hacker also demands full ownership of the company’s on-chain and off-chain assets, as well as all available documents.

In exchange for the return of the funds, the hacker proposes to buy out the Kyber executives at a fair value and has expressed an intention to double the employees’ salaries. They have also offered a 12-month departure package with full benefits for those who do not wish to stay. Furthermore, they claim that token holders and investors would benefit from this transition by avoiding token devaluation.

With a touch of unknown humor, the hacker did not hesitate to sign their message as the “Kyber Director,” already considering themselves the director of the company.

The Threat of Treaty Termination

The hacker’s ultimatum, set for December 10, puts Kyber in a precarious position. If the demands are not met, the so-called “treaty” will be nullified. The hacker has also threatened to render the treaty null if agencies contact them regarding transactions made on Kyber.

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