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Ethereum: Immutable X unveils StarkNet NFT cross-rollup solution

Immutable X, Ethereum’s second flagship layer for NFT development, has unveiled an interoperability solution for L2.

Layer 2 solutions are bringing big changes to the Ethereum ecosystem. Layer 2 Immutable X has just announced, in collaboration with StarkNet, the launch of a Layer 2 and Layer 3 scaling solution to provide a solution to the liquidity problem present on the blockchain.

Immutable X presents itself as the first scalable and carbon-neutral platform for NFT trading on Ethereum. Indeed, the presentation of this project is great news for all advocates of an environmentally friendly ecosystem. It should also be remembered that such a project was conceptualised by Vitalik Buterin, co-creator of Ethereum, back in 2021. He wanted to implement a technology that would allow NFTs to move freely between different rollups.

This vision has been realised in Immutable X. This solution should allow all web 3 games to be built on Ethereum. Today, Immutable X is already involved in major use cases such as TikTok or Illuvium.

Immutable X collaborates with StarkNet

The objective of Immutable is to solve the problem of liquidity splitting that occurs today on all Ethereum layer 2s. Indeed, with no possible link between the different rollups, the difficulty is to create a coherent ecosystem for the millions of potential users.

Moreover, Ethereum’s limited scalability has resulted in blockchain-based games being developed on competing layer 1s such as Solana or Avalanche. This new technology should allow developers to move to Ethereum without fear of scalability issues while benefiting from the security and liquidity of the blockchain. The final advantage is to be able to offer a pleasant user interface to players.

Immutable offers a cross rollup liquidity solution allowing strong interoperability on the Ethereum ecosystem. The first rollup to participate in this initiative is StarkNet. This collaboration will result in the inclusion of fully composable smart contracts while benefiting from EVM and Solidity language compatibility.

StarkWare CEO Uri Koldny says, “This partnership will seamlessly allow world-class games and projects to thrive on Immutable X and StarkNet across L2 and L3.

In addition, projects wishing to do so will be able to easily migrate games based on smart contracts to Immutable X. The only condition to be able to do so is to be a game with more than 10 million active users and requiring a dedicated bandwidth a bit like Sorare.

NFTs from these games can be seamlessly transferred between rollups from any Immutable account and to any marketplace supporting Immutable’s protocol such as OpenSea or Rarible.

Immutable X’s solution must support millions of users

The goal of Immutable X is to eventually accommodate hundreds of millions of users and daily transactions. This will allow web 3 games to truly scale (scaler) while benefiting from the decentralisation and security of Ethereum.

Immutable co-founder Robbie Ferguson welcomes this, saying, “The next billion players will be able to scale across hundreds of L3s, without ever losing the liquidity and composability that makes Ethereum the world’s most robust blockchain network. Secure, composable and wildly scalable: welcome to L323”.

Another co-founder and CTO of Immutable, Alex Connolly, says “Immutable is committed to being the first platform to address the challenges that prevent web 3 video games from reaching a global audience.

This new solution promises, in theory, to be highly effective. After the approximate development of games on the blockchain, this solution seems the most successful to achieve a democratisation of video games based on web 3 principles.

As a reminder, a dedicated Layer 3 can theoretically support more than 9,000 transactions per second.

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