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Hackers Continue Nefarious Activities After $41 Million Casino Hack

In a Developing Narrative, Hackers Behind $41 Million Stake Casino Hack Continue Their Activities

A recent observation has sent chills through the cryptocurrency industry as the culprits behind the infamous $41 million Stake casino hack show no signs of stopping their nefarious activities. Recent findings reveal a concerning movement of a significant amount of MATIC and BNB tokens.

According to CertiK, a blockchain security firm closely monitoring the situation, the hackers have now dispersed an additional amount of $328,000. This recent frenzy involved the transfer of 300 BNB tokens, equivalent to approximately $61,500, to a new address, followed by an immediate bridge to the Avalanche blockchain. A similar fate befell 520,000 MATIC tokens, totaling over $266,000, which found a new home on the Avalanche blockchain a mere seven hours earlier.

Tracing the Hackers and Potential Affiliations

Delving deeper, we find breadcrumbs left by these hackers scattered across various blockchains. Meticulous tracking reveals that an aggregate of $4.8 million is now decentralized, cunningly spread across the Bitcoin and Avalanche networks. This figure represents only a fraction of the enormous $41 million total, indicating that the hackers are proceeding with caution, gradually dispersing their ill-gotten gains.

The maze of digital thievery points to a highly coordinated operation, with the hackers leveraging access to Stake’s private key on the Binance Smart Chain and hot wallets on Ethereum. A shocking revelation from the United States’ FBI points to the potential involvement of the Lazarus group from North Korea in this grand scheme.

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