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Coinbase Introduces Innovative Crypto Transfer Service

Coinbase Launches New Crypto Transfer Service

  • Coinbase introduces its money transfer service using shareable links.
  • Transfers are instant, free, and require the use of Coinbase Wallet.
  • The service is available in over 170 countries and aims to expand the utility and user base of Coinbase Wallet.

The exchange Coinbase has recently launched a new feature that allows users to send assets, including cryptocurrencies, via shareable links directly on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

This innovation comes at a time when cryptocurrency prices are experiencing a significant increase, with Bitcoin recently surpassing $44,000.

Free Transfers for All Users

Coinbase’s goal with this initiative is to simplify money transfers. Users can now send money internationally instantly and without fees using Coinbase Wallet.

“Users can now send money to any platform where they can share a link,” announced Coinbase.

Of course, to proceed with a transfer, both the sender and recipient must have the Coinbase Wallet.

Otherwise, the user will be prompted to download it from the Apple Store or Play Store. Additionally, it has been announced that unclaimed funds sent within two weeks will be automatically returned to the sender.

Global Reach and Competitive Advantages

Available in over 170 countries, including France, Coinbase Wallet aims to expand its utility and attract new users worldwide.

In addition to the convenience offered by this new feature, it comes at a time when Coinbase has seen a significant increase in its stock price this year. Recently, the COIN stock has increased by over 100% and has once again surpassed the $145 mark.

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