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Overcoming the Challenges of Blockchain Inscriptions

Overcoming the Challenges of Blockchain Inscriptions

Polygon co-founder Brendan Farmer has addressed the issue of inscriptions on blockchain networks, which have recently caused overload and instability on several platforms. In response, he suggests an innovative solution: the use of parallelized EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

Inscriptions, initially on Bitcoin, have expanded to Ethereum and other EVM networks, resulting in increased fees and disruptions. These inscriptions, integrated into the ‘calldata’ field of transactions, have put additional pressure on networks, reducing their performance.

Parallelizing EVM as a Solution

In order to effectively handle the influx of inscriptions without compromising stability or costs, Farmer suggests that parallelized EVM could simultaneously process unrelated transactions. This method could lead to an overall improvement in transaction throughput and more efficient management of gas fees. It would be particularly beneficial for users conducting transactions unrelated to inscriptions, isolating them from activity and fee spikes.

Farmer’s suggestion, although still in development, offers a promising glimpse into potential technical advancements in blockchain management. If successful, this innovation could represent a major breakthrough for Polygon and other EVM networks, enhancing their adaptability and efficiency.

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