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Galaxy Digital Expands Crypto Fund with $100 Million Investment

Galaxy Digital, a giant in the cryptocurrency investment realm, is expanding its horizons by planning to attract and invest capital from external investors.

Up until now, the company mainly invested its own money in crypto companies. It is now gearing up to do the same with third-party investor capital, setting up a $100 million fund.

The new fund will continue the success of our investment strategy, but through an institutional-grade direct fund.

Galaxy Digital

A $100 Million Fund for Crypto Startups

The new fund, named Galaxy Ventures Fund I, LP, aims to raise $100 million to invest in early-stage crypto companies. According to an email to investors, Galaxy plans to invest in up to 30 startups over the next three years, with initial investments starting from $1 million.

The fund will focus on financial applications, software infrastructure, and innovative protocols operating in the crypto space.

Expansion and Investment Strategy

Galaxy Digital already positions itself as a major investor in the cryptocurrency sector, having injected $200 million into over 100 projects in the past six years.

This new fund is an extension of this investment strategy, but with a direct institutional approach. By integrating its venture capital franchise into its asset management business, Galaxy seeks to continue the success of its previous investments while opening the door to external capital.

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