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FTX and Alameda Transfer $22 Million in Crypto Assets

FTX and Alameda have just transferred more than $22 million in crypto assets.

Since October 2023, over $551 million worth of crypto has been transferred.

The recent transfer includes various cryptocurrencies such as IMX, GMT, and ETH.

The giants FTX and Alameda Research have recently transferred a significant amount of $22 million in crypto assets.

These transactions are part of their ongoing efforts to manage their assets following FTX’s bankruptcy in November 2022, with a cumulative total of $551 million spread across 59 different tokens since October 2023.

Details of the $22 million transfer

The most recent transfer included a variety of cryptocurrencies, including IMX, GMT, ETH, UNI, SHIB, BAL, LOOKS, and WOO, distributed diversely.

Among these movements, a transfer of $10.8 million was made on platforms such as Wintermute, Binance, and Coinbase, covering eight different tokens.

These operations are part of a plan approved by a US court, allowing the sale of digital assets up to $100 million, with a possibility of increasing it to $200 million.

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