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Ethereum: The transition to Proof of Stake delayed

According to Tim Beiko, the long-awaited Ethereum update will not arrive in June after all, but a few months later.

The Merge will modify the Ethereum blockchain to transition to a validation system qualified as Proof of Stake, whereas today it relies on Proof of Work. This transition will remove the PoW and consequently the mining of its network to integrate validators that will secure the blockchain through staking.

In development for several years, it was initially announced for June 2022 and only a few tests remained to be done. Unfortunately, Ethereum users will have to wait a few more months.

A postponement, an unspecified date

Tim Beiko, developer for the Ethereum Foundation, said in a tweet today:

“It won’t be in June, but more likely in the next few months. There is no specific date yet, but we are definitely in the final phase of moving to Proof of Stake on Ethereum.”

Tim Beiko, Twitter account

So we know that the transition to the Proof of Stake will happen a few months after June, without having a precise indication. A news that can however rejoice a part of the community of miners since they will benefit from an additional period of adaptation.

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