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The End of NFT Profile Pictures on Twitter

The end of NFT profile pictures on X (Twitter):

  • X (Twitter) seems to be abandoning support for NFT profile pictures.
  • Previously, owners of certain NFTs were able to link their assets to their profile picture on Twitter.
  • This decision raises questions about the future of digital asset integration on the platform.

The end of NFTs on X?

About two years after introducing the ability to use NFTs as profile pictures, Twitter, now known as “X”, has decided to remove this feature.

Initially, users could link an NFT they owned in their wallet to their Twitter profile picture. Once linked, the profile picture would take the form of a hexagon, making it much easier to differentiate users. Note that this feature only applied to certain NFT collections.

This change was first noticed by TechCrunch, who reported that all mentions of NFT profile pictures had been removed from the Twitter Premium support page.

A change poorly received by the NFT community?

Using NFTs as profile pictures on Twitter was not only a way to express interest in digital assets, but it had also become a symbol of social and economic status. Additionally, it allowed holders to prove that they were the owners of a particular NFT.

Furthermore, this move comes after Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter and renamed it to “X”, criticized this integration in 2022, highlighting a possible strategic reorientation of the platform in terms of blockchain technology.

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