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Dogecoin: after Bitcoin and Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot and Dogecoin show their support for the Ukrainian state

After fiat, Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT donations, other players, including the famous Dogecoin are showing their support for the Ukrainian state.

As of this writing, the Ukrainian state has received cryptocurrency donations totaling over $11 million. So far, apart from a sale of NFTs (which has not been counted in the total donations) these donations have been made with the most well-known cryptomonies in the ecosystem: Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

Initiatives have been multiplying since the announcements of Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov. For the record, the Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT addresses had been transmitted from his Twitter account. Vitalik Buterin had intervened to confirm that the addresses were indeed under the control of Ukrainian authorities.

On February 27, the centralized exchange Binance announced in a tweet that it wanted to help the conflict in Ukraine. To this end, a donation of $10 million was offered.

The aim is to bring material and financial aid to the conflict on the Ukrainian territory. More than a simple donation, Binance would like to directly help on the ground through charity and collaboration.

The @BinanceBCF twitter account has also announced that it has launched a Ukraine Relief Fund to provide emergency aid through crypto-currencies.

The community gathered around the popular meme coin Dogecoin has also announced that they want to provide aid to the Ukrainians.

Dogecoin holders are invited to convert their tokens to make donations to the addresses provided.

The initiatives will undoubtedly multiply again in the coming days. After Binance and Dogecoin, it is the founder of Polkadot (Gavin Wood) who announced that he wants to personally contribute $5 million. He commented, under the tweet of the Ukrainian state, that he would be willing to contribute in the event that a $DOT address is issued to him

Who will be next to lend their support? After Dogecoin, the Shiba inu corner could follow the example of its big brother. For now, digital assets seem to be taking center stage, far from the repeated criticisms that one can usually hear about them.

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