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Bitpanda Introduces Zero-Fee Deposits and Withdrawals for Investors

Bitpanda Removes Deposit and Withdrawal Fees, Enabling Cost-Free Transactions

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Bitpanda, a regulated PSAN investment platform, has announced a new initiative to eliminate all deposit and withdrawal fees for its users, regardless of currency and payment method. This zero-fee policy also applies to credit card transactions, providing increased flexibility and accessibility for investors looking to grow their portfolios without worries of additional or hidden costs.

We are continually looking for ways to make investing even simpler so you can maximize your potential returns. That’s why we are excited to announce that you can now make free deposits and withdrawals with your Bitpanda account in all currencies and via all payment methods.


One step toward more accessible investments

By adopting a fee-free strategy for deposits and withdrawals, Bitpanda positions itself as one of the first investment platforms to maximize the potential returns for its users from their initial deposit. This significant update is designed to make investing even more accessible and cost-effective by eliminating the financial barriers often associated with smaller transactions.

Bitpanda highlights its advantages

Bitpanda emphasizes several key advantages following this update:

  • Fee-free transfers: Users can now transfer and invest their money without incurring any fees, increasing their investment opportunities, particularly for smaller portfolios.
  • Diversified payment methods: The platform accepts a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, Apple Pay, and PayPal, offering great flexibility.
  • Increased transaction limits: Bitpanda has doubled the daily limit for credit card payments to €20,000, surpassing industry standards and providing some of the highest transaction limits in the market.
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