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CryptoWallet Launches Airdrop Campaign: Earn Rewards in $SPEND Tokens

Pursuit of Airdrops: CryptoWallet Launches Its Own Airdrop

If you’re on the lookout for airdrops, then a new mission awaits you. Today, it’s CryptoWallet’s turn to launch its own airdrop, through which many users will receive token rewards.

CryptoWallet plans to distribute a total of 1 million $SPEND tokens (the platform’s native cryptocurrency) among 10,000 participants. Your mission is simple: complete tasks! In this article, you’ll discover all the steps to become eligible for the CryptoWallet airdrop.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with CryptoWallet

Key Information about the CryptoWallet Airdrop

  • Project: CryptoWallet
  • Deadline: September 9, 2023
  • Total Reward: 1 million $SPEND tokens
  • Number of Winners: 10,000
  • Max Reward per Winner: $500

What is CryptoWallet?

CryptoWallet is primarily a wallet that allows users to securely buy, sell, and store their cryptocurrencies. Whether you want to regularly buy crypto, send tokens to friends, or deposit cryptos onto exchanges, CryptoWallet is the ideal solution.

Moreover, in the event of a hacking incident, the platform guarantees that every user’s funds will be fully reimbursed.

But what sets CryptoWallet apart is the launch of its new “layer 2 payment card,” which allows users to instantly spend cryptos with a highly intuitive user interface. This card can be used in stores worldwide and even for bill payments.

If you want to be among the first users to receive the CryptoWallet card, you can already join the whitelist here.

Furthermore, it has been announced that the CryptoWallet debit card will support over 800 cryptographic assets and can be used in stores worldwide. By comparison,’s card supports only 22 assets.

But if you’ve clicked on this article, it’s probably because you’re interested in the airdrop. Indeed, in addition to a potential exclusive airdrop for early users, CryptoWallet plans to reward 10,000 members of its community. So, without further ado, find out how to become eligible.

How to Become Eligible for the CryptoWallet Airdrop

First Campaign: 1 Million $SPEND

First, you’ll need to go to the TaskOn community platform by clicking on this link.

Once there, click on “login” to sign in and then select your preferred option (MetaMask, Twitter, Discord, etc.).

Scrolling down the page, you’ll see all the quests you need to complete to be eligible for the CryptoWallet airdrop.

Quest 1:

Let’s start with the first mission, which is to follow CryptoWallet’s Twitter account: @CryptoWalletcom (your account must be at least 2 months old for the quest to be validated).

Once done, return to TaskOn and click on the “Verify” tab.

Quest 2:

The second quest is to join CryptoWallet’s Discord server:

Then click on “Link & Verify” to validate the mission. Note that you’ll need to authorize the “TaskOn” bot to access your account.

Quest 3:

The third task is to join CryptoWallet’s Telegram:, then click on “Verify” to complete the mission.

Quest 4:

For this fourth quest, you’ll need to follow CryptoWallet’s account on the “CoinMarketCap” website. Here’s the link to access it:

This time, to validate the quest, you’ll need to take a screenshot as proof that you’re subscribed to CryptoWallet’s account on CoinMarketCap. Then, you’ll need to upload the screenshot in the relevant mission section on TaskOn.

Note that the quest may take a few hours to be validated as the admins need to approve it.

Quest 5:

Now, you’ll have to subscribe to CryptoWallet on the LinkedIn platform:

Just like with CoinMarketCap, you’ll need to take a screenshot as proof of your subscription and upload it on the TaskOn page.

Quest 6:

Finally, for this sixth and last mission, you just need to like CryptoWallet’s Facebook page:

Again, you’ll need to take a screenshot of your subscription and upload it on TaskOn.

Final Step:

Once all your quests are completed, click on the “Complete” tab at the bottom of the page.

The platform will then ask you to connect one of your wallets (MetaMask, WalletConnect, etc.) to be able to receive your tokens as rewards.

Second Campaign: Zealy Page

To further demonstrate your commitment to CryptoWallet, you can also complete quests on the Zealy page of the project:

There are approximately 50 quests in total, some of which will unlock gradually. The more quests you complete, the more experience points (XP) you earn. There is also a leaderboard where you can see users with the most XP points (each quest is associated with a certain amount of XP).

To complete the quests, simply click on them and follow the instructions provided. After completing each quest, click on the “Claim Reward” tab to receive your experience points.

Of course, we can’t show you how to complete each of these quests, but here’s an example: “Visit Website“.

This quest requires you to visit the “” website. Simply click on “Visit this page” and then, once done, return to Zealy and click on “Claim Reward“.

As you can see, this quest has rewarded you with 100 experience points. Similarly, complete the other quests to climb up the leaderboard rankings.

Bonus – Enhance Your Chances of Eligibility

To significantly increase your chances of receiving rewards from the CryptoWallet airdrop, here are some additional steps you can follow:

  • Register on the CryptoWallet platform:
  • Complete the KYC (identity verification) process on the CryptoWallet platform. Note that everyone who completes the KYC process will receive 50 SPEND tokens for free in their wallet.
  • Sign up for the whitelist to receive the CryptoWallet debit card:
  • Engage in a few transactions on the CryptoWallet platform

Important Details about the CryptoWallet Airdrop

To stay updated on all the information about this new airdrop, we strongly recommend following the announcements on CryptoWallet’s Twitter and Discord.

Note that if you are among the winners, you will automatically receive your $SPEND tokens in your wallet in the days following the end of the airdrop, which, I remind you, ends on September 9.

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